This function creates the projections table based on the scraped data from the scrape_data function. The output is a table containing the projected points, confidence intervals, standard deviation for points, and if seasonal data also the VOR values

projections_table(data_result, scoring_rules = NULL, src_weights = NULL,
  vor_baseline = NULL, tier_thresholds = NULL)



An output from the scrape_data function


The scoring rules to be used for calculations. See vignette("scoring_settings") on how to define custom scoring settings. If omitted then default scoring settings will be used.


A named vector defining the weights for each source to be used in calculations. If omitted then default_weights will be used.


A named vector defineing the baseline to use for VOR calculations. If omitted then the default_baseline will be used.


The threshold values to be used when determining tiers. If omitted then the default_threshold will be used.